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Boston Spanish Class Tuition


Complete BASE's Online Registration and take BASE's commitment-free online Self-Assessments and Written Assessment to find the course that meets your needs.

Tuitions range from as low as $125 per 7-week course if you invite a somebody free and split the cost:

Courses run for seven weeks.

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1.5 hours
1 class/week

1.5 hours
2 classes/week

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Semi-intensive (Saturdays and daytime)
3 hours
1 class/week


1.5 hours
4 classes/week

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3 hours
4 classes/week

Remember: You can invite a friend FREE when you sign up for a course.
Take a FREE trial class! Complete your written assessment and contact us to arrange it for you.


  1. On-line registration: In order to be placed in one of our courses, you'll need to complete the on-line Registration and make your tuition payment.  There is no registration fee or other fees of any kind.  If someone has invited you for a free course, you'll need to complete the Free-Course Registration.
  2. Course Registration Terms: By registering, you agree to the Course Registration Terms.
  3. Confirmation: Having registered, you will receive the course schedule confirmation via e-mail, along with your course schedule and other pertinent details (please make sure that emails from BASE don't arrive to your spam folder.) If you have not received your confirmation by the middle of the week prior to the first class, please contact us.

Please note: class materials are not included in the tuition. Our Program is flexibly based around a textbook that you will need to purchase online and is used over the course of the entirety of the Básico and Intermedio program.


Private learning

Depending on the intensity of your classes, and whether you are studying with one or two classmates, among other factors, the tuition for private classes can be as low as $25/hour. Please see more details about private Spanish courses, or feel free to contact us for more details regarding these learning opportunities.