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BLIFF (Boston Latino International Film Festival)

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BLIFF (Boston Latino International Film Festival)


BLIFF bridges communities through film.  BASE proudly sponsors the Festival.  

Volunteers needed

Join the BLIFF team during the festival! Volunteers are needed for:

  • Box Office: Selling tickets, troubleshooting
  • Usher: Scan tickets, hand out programs, collect ballots, and assist attendees with emergencies
  • Receptions:  Set up/clean up

A minimum of 4 hours is required. In exchange, watch any film of your choice, and get two free tickets for friends/family. Please contact Marisol Medri for more information and/or to sign up.

BASE copresents:


Andrés Reads and Writes

Fri. 9/29 3p at the Paramount

Andrés Centeno, a young factory worker, spends his nights working long night shifts, leaving him in a continuous state of drowsiness. Andrés has lost his way and forgotten his teenage dreams. Running into a piece of his own life story – stumbling with an encapsulated moment of time filled with illusions – he realizes that although he hasn’t made the right choices, it’s still not too late to make amends, accompanied by a new friendship that will encourage him to move forward. 



Fri 9.29 7:30 at Harvard
Sat 9.30 4p at the Paramount

Alba is 11 years old. She spends most of her time in silence, and she likes small animals. One afternoon, her mother is hospitalized, and Alba has to move in with her father, Igor, who she hardly knows. Igor’s attempt to become closer to her, her first friendship, her first kiss, her hospital visits to see her mother are all events that pave the way for Alba’s journey towards adolescence and accepting her family.

See more info on the BLIFF website, y ver las sinopsis en español.