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Free-course Registration for Spanish classes in Boston - Boston Area Spanish Exchange (BASE)

Free-course registration

If you've never taken a BASE course before, and someone is inviting you for a free course, complete this registration form.  Otherwise, please use this other registration form

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As long as you have never taken a BASE course, someone who has paid their tuition this course period is welcome to invite you to take course for free.
Where would you like to take your classes?
If you are interested in a more-intensive course than the course for which you've been invited for free, you are welcome to register and pay the difference in tuition.
Not sure? Take the self-assessments to find out. Still not sure? Please submit a written assessment for feedback, as well as for us to confirm your placement.

For Semi-intensive, Intensive, etc. courses, select the level that you will begin with (e.g. select "Básico A" if you are registering for an Intensive course covering Básico A-Intermdio A, or select "Intermedio B" if you are registering for a Semi-intensive course covering Intermedio B/C).
If your availability is more limited than the above options, please consult the course schedule and indicate your availability in order of preference for the options listed there.
Include below any other schedule options/availability you'd like us to take into consideration.
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