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Boston Spanish Class Program

Learn about the Boston Area Spanish Exchange course program, from four to twelve week courses from beginners to advanced.

Our Program

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The main BASE program has a duration ranging from four to twelve courses depending on the intensity: four Intensive courses, seven Semi-intensive courses, or twelve Weekly courses. The names of the levels are references of structural knowledge and proficiency in order to maximize small-group compatibility and conversational opportunities:

Básico - The foundation ("base" in Spanish) is set at this level in order to break down inhibitions and fears of actually using Spanish. You will learn to be able to use a great deal of practical vocabulary and how to ask and answer questions.  You will be able to use greetings and introductions, get by in a restaurant or cafe, describe your and others activities, and identify and describe people and things, express likes and dislikes, describe emotions, request information, talk about schedules and holidays, and give directions. In a communicative context, there will be a focus on cognate identification, agreement, regular and irregular verbs in the present tense.

Intermedio - You will build upon your previously-gained knowledge of the Spanish language with gaining fluency with describing daily routines, your plans, past events and times (e.g. your childhood), giving advice/recommendations, and an introduction to idiomatic usage. All of this builds on structure developed in the contexts of various lexical groups ranging from exercise, to historic and current events.

Avanzado/Conversacional - Having already acquired fluidity, this level has the objective of maintaining the level you have acquired, as well as reaching a more fluent conversational level. With more confidence and a broader range of skills further complexities in the Spanish language are learned in the contexts of students' particular interests, as well as culture. Students will be able to express opinions in not only real-life contexts, but also in hypothetical contexts. As with in the Intermediate level, you may personalize your learning further with a particular non-program elective, such as film, music, phonetics, grammar, literature, current events, etc.

Course Materials

For "Básico" through "Avanzado" levels, Boston Area Spanish Exchange maximizes personalization by guiding learning loosely through use of Heinle & Heinle's Tú Dirás (3rd edition).

The text comes with unique audio CD's following a natural learning method and of cultural interest to Spanish learners. Another unique aspect of "Tú Dirás" is the solid recycling of activities, not merely building on previously learned points, but also reviewing them in a variety of interesting ideas. The text can be purchased through BASE for $100+, and also can be purchased on the internet assuring that you purchase a 3rd edition copy (ISBN #0-8384-2505-4). If you are unable to purchase a text, contact us to discuss alternatives.

The following websites are not affiliated with BASE. You may find a good copy of the textbook at a discount (as low as $3) on these sites (be sure to go by the ISBN #0-8384-2505-4): | | |

Tú Dirás (3rd Edition; ISBN #0-8384-2505-4)

Conversational levels, as well as other classes, do not follow the aforementioned text and draw materials from various resources.