Self Assessments

Upon consulting BASE's upcoming Spanish course schedule, you will see references to different "course levels". Our on-line Self-Assessments make it easy to determine your learning proficiency and answer the question: Which course is right for you?  Once you've determined what level you should take, please complete the written assessment so we may confirm your placement, and also select the appropriate level when registering, or let us know what level.  

Please read instructions thoroughly on all sections of the Self-Assessment.

Can't remember how to write diacritical marks? See these instructions for help.

Choose an Assessment

Básico A

Básico B

Básico C

Intermedio A

Intermedio B

Intermedio C

Avanzado y Conversacional

For more advanced Spanish learning, students interested in Avanzado and Conversacional courses should write generously in the written assessment.  

Disclaimer: BASE may request an Oral Assessment and/or a more-detailed Written Assessment in order to more accurately place you in the most compatible course.