Básico A Self-Assessment 


  • Without consulting any resources, fill in the blanks and tab between answers.

  • If your answer is correct, you will be allowed to proceed to the next question. If not, you will be given the correct answer. In some cases there are many possible correct answers. If you are familiar with the material presented in an item, and you feel confident using it in conversation, count the answer correct.

  • Refresh your browser if you need to start again.

  • Click the button at the bottom of the page to see your score.

Can't remember how to write diacritical marks? See these instructions for help.


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Despite what your total score is:

If you knew the response but typed it incorrectly, count that response as correct.

In many cases, more than one response is possible; if your response was grammatically correct but differed from the response in this document, count that response as correct.

If you got an answer correct by guessing, or needed to review any materials to arrive at an answer, count that response as incorrect.

Please make note of these cases in the "Comments" box on your Online Registration.

If at least 12 of your responses were correct, and you feel comfortable using this material in writing & conversation, it is recommended that you take a higher-level course.