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Base's Vocab Bites

BASE posts via our social channels occasional vocabulary with a related image in order to encourage kinetic vocabulary building.  

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Local events

Visit the Events page on this website to find interesting events and different ways to improve your Spanish language skills.

Verb practice

Spaleon, or Spanish Learning Online is a free Spanish verb conjugation trainer. BASE recommends that you practice with this trainer before class and warm up, or review for a few minutes at a time on non-class days. Select the tenses you’ve already studied and focus on the ones you have most trouble remembering, or just use the “random selection”. If you are confused by unknown tenses, stick to the conjugations/tenses you have already learned. Practice most those that you have difficulty remembering. There is no need to register for this website.

El Alfabeto

This website has sound files by letter.  You can also see this video a woman posted on Youtube.  She made some other videos that are fun and informative.  


Dictionaries, etc.

Spanish Dictionary: 

This dictionary of the Real Academia Española is the most widely consulted. The Real Academia is the place to go if you have any doubt needing clarification regarding the Spanish language.

Online Spanish thesaurus: has a very good online Spanish-English dictionary  thesaurus. The free app is called “WordRef”. 

Amigos Falsos: 

An editable list of “false friends” (false cognates: Spanish words that look similar to words in English, but have different meanings) can be found here.

Country-specific Glossaries:

Roxana Fitch’s Jergas de Habla Hispana, JHH, has the most entries of this kind of glossary of the Spanish-speaking world. Discover the richness, and avoid the same embarrassing mistakes native speakers make by learning the country-specific peculiarities of the Spanish language.

La Palabra del Día (for native speakers): 

Word of the Day, is a good service for advanced learners, and it can be found on


Spanish-speaking Culture

Local Events: 

Visit the Events page on this website to find interesting events and different ways to improve your Spanish language skills.

Kithara Project

Maintains two year-round, sustainable guitar education programs: ¡StartNow!, near Boston; and ¡Empecemos Juntos!, in Mexico City. It can be found here

The Boston Latino International Film Festival, BLIFF

Takes place in the fall screening Latino and Latin American films over 4 days encased by free receptions, and dotted with panels and Q&As with visiting filmmakers. Learn more here.

Inquilinos Boricuas en Acción

Is located in the South End. Among many cultural events, there is a photo/art gallery. Learn more.

Boston International Film Festival

Takes place in April. Learn More. 



Spanish Proficiency Exercises

This website is an excellent listening comprehension resource. Mini-videos are posted w/ transcripts and vocabulary. They are organized by skill-level, and content, but any of them could be helpful for just about anyone.

Radio Ambulante

This has tons of interesting podcasts, and there are Spanish and English transcripts.

Spanish Podcast

This site has put together lots of interesting podcasts on topics from Spain, with some vocab, grammar and learning tidbits sprinkled in for good measure. 


TV & Radio


Channel 27-Boston is Univisión, WUNI, with programming in Spanish.

WUNR 1600 am

o escuche en línea entre otros programas:

  • lun-vie, 7am - SPC Noticias con René Funes

  • lun-vie, 10am - Magacín 10am con William Peña Lopera

  • lun-vie, 12am - Luis Bravo

Con Salsa con José Massó

Saturdays, 10p-3a, 90.9 WBUR o escuche en línea



Democracy Now

Every weekday afternoon, Democracy Now dubs in Spanish over the day’s headlines, and there are some interviews also available in Spanish. Use this as a language tool for listening, reading, or both (open the audio in a new tab to listen while reading along).

Bogotá Newspaper: 

El Tiempo is the most widely read newspaper in Colombia.

Has current world news. Read here.

El Planeta

One of Boston’s Spanish-language newspapers. Read here. 

BBC Mundo: 

Click here for BBC World News in Spanish.

El País

Spanish newspaper read internationally. Read here.