Written Assessment

  • Please be sure to take the Self-assessments in order to determine what course you need, and let us know, or on the registration form select the level that most closely appears to meet your needs. We will refer to your Written Assessment in order to confirm your placement.  

  • Even if you wish to start from scratch, we thank you for responding in complete sentences to any of the items below that you are able to.

  • Please answer from memory, without a dictionary or any other aid.

  • Do your best to respond without translating, even if you're not sure if what you are writing is correct.

  • Please write as thoroughly as possible.

  • Feel free to skip items and scroll down to others below.

  • It is recommended that you first type your responses in a word processor, copy and paste, and hit the "Send Assessment" button.

Note: Please be sure to include your name, phone and email even if you have filled out the registration.

Need diacritical marks? See these instructions for help.

Please take the self-assessments to determine what course to sign up for, or contact us to request feedback on your written assessment. *
¿Qué nivel se determinó sería lo más compatible según las auto-evalucaciones? What level did you determine would best meet your needs based on the self-assessments?
Describa su apariencia, su personalidad, sus actividades, etc.
¿Qué recomienda usted?
(Responder: "Recomiendo que usted....")
(Responder: "Recomiendo que usted....")
¿Cuál es la pregunta?
(Escriba la pregunta sobre la respuesta arriba.)
(Escriba la pregunta sobre la respuesta arriba.)