Confirmed Spanish courses
Summer course period
(July 15th to August 31st)

What seats are available now?

Are you looking to see what seats are available in Spanish courses? See the list below, and register now.

Missed a class?

For any days you may be absent for a class you can feel free contact your instructor ( to find out about any assignments. 

As an added benefit for you learning at BASE, if you happen to miss a class, you would also be welcome to at least observe a session of a course in another schedule in the same course period pending confirmed courses if the group is full as long as space allows, and if the group isn't full, you would be welcome to participate.   

These are the courses currently in session. This list is subject to change at any time. Some of these courses may be full or changed.

With reference to the list below, please submit the form on this page to request to observe a class in another course due to a missed class.

Class observation request form

Name *
i.e. Mon 5:30 pm Básico B con Luis
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i.e. Básico A Weekly, Intermedio B/C Semi-intensive, etc.
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- Mon 12:00 pm Básico A Weekly

- Mon 5:30 pm Básico A Weekly

- Tues 5:30 pm Básico A Weekly

- Tues 7:15 pm Básico A Weekly

- Wed 5:30 pm Básico A Weekly

- Thurs 3:30 pm Básico A Weekly

- Mon/Wed 5:30 pm Básico A/B Semi-intensive

- Tues 12:00 to 3:00 pm Básico A/B Semi-intensive

- Mon through Thurs 3:30 to 5:00 pm Básico A through Intermedio A Intensive

- Mon 5:30 pm Básico B Weekly

- Wed 12:00 pm Básico B Weekly

- Wed 7:15 pm Básico B Weekly

- Wed 5:30 pm Básico C Weekly

- Thurs 5:30 pm Básico C Weekly

- Tues/Thurs 7:15 pm Básico C/Intermedio A Semi-intensive

- Tues 5:30 pm Intermedio A Weekly

- Tues 7:15 pm Intermedio A Weekly

- Thurs 5:30 pm Intermedio B Weekly

- Mon/Wed 7:15 pm Intermedio B/C Semi-intensive

- Mon 7:15 pm Avanzado Weekly

- Tues 5:30 pm Avanzado Weekly

- Wed 5:30 pm Avanzado Weekly

- Mon/Wed 7:15 pm Avanzado Semi-intensive