Course Materials


Among myriad other materials, for "Básico" through "Intermedio" levels, Boston Area Spanish Exchange maximizes personalization by guiding learning loosely through use of Heinle & Heinle's Tú Dirás (3rd edition, not the 4th edition).

The text comes with unique audio CDs following a natural learning method and of cultural interest to Spanish learners, which may be used for in-class exercises. It’s not necessary that you obtain a copy that comes with CDs. Another unique aspect of "Tú Dirás" is the solid recycling of activities, not merely building on previously learned points, but also reviewing them in a variety of interesting ideas. A copy of the 3rd edition (ISBN #0-8384-2505-4) may be purchased on line. If you are unable to purchase a text, contact us to discuss alternatives.

If for whatever reason you end up with a copy of the 4th edition, you will be able to use the corresponding pages/topics in addition to online resources.

The following websites are not affiliated with BASE. You may find a good copy of the textbook at a discount (as low as $3) on these sites (be sure to go by the ISBN #0-8384-2505-4): | | |

Tú Dirás (3rd Edition; ISBN #0-8384-2505-4)

Conversational levels, as well as other advanced-level courses, do not follow the aforementioned text and draw materials from a variety of resources.