Farsi Levels

Please see an approximate list of topics below.  There is a focus on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in addition to learning grammar.  Vocabulary building is approached from a number of angles.

In each level there will be level-appropriate cultural topics, as well as presentations, puzzles and games, among other activities.
 Material will be drawn from a variety of resources.

Farsi Beginners A

Introduction to Modern Farsi (Persian)

Introduce oneself, greet others

Farsi alphabet


the infinitive

yes/no questions

rising intonation questions

singular and plural forms of nouns

Farsi Beginners B

subject complement

subject pronouns

the present and past tenses and



numbers and how to express time

Farsi Beginners C

make requests and describe things

the comparative and superlative

the future tense, simple and compound verbs

most applied prepositions

WH (information) questions

Farsi Beginners D

definite and indefinite nouns


possessive pronouns and direct objects

the months and weather


reading different simple texts and doing presentations

Farsi Intermediate A

more sophisticated conversations building upon the skills learned in the basic levels

the present and past continuous,


clothes, parts of the body


places and foods

Farsi Intermediate B

countable and uncountable nouns

irregular plurals (nouns that were borrowed from Arabic)


indirect objects, object pronouns

Farsi Intermediate C

reflexive pronouns


imperative verb forms

prefixes and suffixes

compound verbs and adverbs.

reading different texts

Farsi Intermediate D

the present and past perfect, quotations

prefixes and suffixes, compound verbs

interruptions and exclamation words

simple texts and doing presentations, puzzles and games, among other activities

conditional sentences

passive verbs and adjectives used as nouns

some proverbs, idioms and slang

listening to the news and video clips in Farsi and then actively discussing the topics